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09 January 2008 @ 12:15 pm
Fiction [One shot]  
Title: Naughty boy
Pairing: Kitayama / Senga
Fandom: Kis-my-ft2
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None beta-ed. English is not my first language, so there may be some errors and stuff.
Summary: ''You've always wanted too see me in a corset'' Senga states with a knowing smile.
Disclaimer: I got a few JE boys in my closet. I don't own them, I don't know them, and this has never ever happened... I think.
Author's message: -

Senga is the shy one, he blush when you try to talk to him and he cries when you say something about his dancing, even if you're praising him, he cries. So Kitayama was shocked when he found his friend in his hotelroom, wearing something that makes him hard in a second.

Kitayama stares, he blinks a couple of times and then he just stares. The younger one smiles sweetly, running a hand through his own hair.

''Are you just gonna stand there?'' Senga asks, licking his bottom lip as his hand travels down his chest, over the corset he's wearing.

''Wh... I... Senga?'' Kitayama takes a step forward, still staring.

''You don't like this, Hiromitsu?'' The younger one pouts, his hand travelling further down, cupping himself through the panties he's wearing. Kitayama can't reply because he's hypnotized, hypnotized by Senga's hand and his movements as the younger one starts stroking himself through the panties, gasping.

''Im so hard, I've been waiting for this'' Senga murmurs, smirking at the older one who's biting his bottom lip, trying to keep himself calm, wich is nearly impossible.

''You've always wanted to see me in a corset'' Senga states with a knowing smile, Kitayama's eyes widens. ''You said so to Yokoo, remember?''

''You heard that?'' Hiromitsu whispers, taking another step forward.

''Uh-huh. And now I would like you to fuck me'' Senga winks, wiggling his hips as he tries to get comfortable on the bed, the corset making it nearly impossible for him to breath. Kitayama walks over to the bed, still biting his bottom lip as he tries to decide what to do.

''Kento, are you sure? I don't want you to do this if you're not comfortable with it'' Kitayama sits down and wonders why hadn't he noticed how delicious the younger ones thighs looks before?

''I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't sure. I want you to fuck me, hard and fast. I want you to pound into me. Make me unable to walk properly tomorrow'' Senga says as he sits up, reaching for the other man. Senga quickly pulls off Kitayama's black tanktop.

''Senga... Senga-chan, please, don't stress this'' Kitayama looks unsure, not because he doesn't want this, because he does, he wants it so bad but he's scared that the younger one will regret it, regret ever coming on to him.

''But nothing will happen if I don't stress, if I don't hurry up. You'll be able to think about this if I don't hurry, you'll be able to remember that this is me, Senga, your friend and your bandmate, and you won't want this. So I have to hurry or else you'll have second thoughts'' Senga says, his voice strained as he starts to unbutton the older ones pants. Kitayama takes a deep breath and shakes his head, putting his hands on the other ones shoulders. Senga stops with what he's doing and stares down at his friend's lap.

''Don't stress it, don't be in a hurry'' Kitayama whispers and pushes the other one down onto his back. ''Let me take my sweet time'' Kitayama purrs, climbing ontop of his friend.

''K..Kitayama'' Senga gasps, staring up at the older one with wide eyes.

''Yes, dear Senga-chan?'' Kitayama says, frowning when he notices that his friend has trouble breathing. ''You silly, silly boy'' Kitayama shakes his head and starts taking off the corset.

''Wh.. what?''

''Are you that stupid? I don't want you to freakin' die for me, Kento. I need you to breath if Im gonna be able to fuck you'' Kitayama says, throwing away the corset and Senga have never been this happy to be able to breath.

''I wanted to please you, I still want to please you''

''You can start with stop killing yourself'' Kitayama whispers, running his hands down the other's chest and waist as if he's trying to take away the feeling of the corset still being there, because Senga can still feel the tight corset around his waist.

''But I-''

''You want me to fuck you? Hard and fast? Then I want you to do something for me'' Kitayama bents down, his breath hitting Senga's face.


''I want you to stop trembling, I know you're scared, I know you're scared shitless right now. I want you to trust me because I won't hurt you. You're my friend, and if you wanna be my lover, you have to trust me'' Kitayama's lips brushing against Senga's cheek and the older one presses his body closer, harder against his friend in an attempt to make him stop trembling.

''Im not scared, Kitayama-san. Im.. nervous. I don't want you to... I trust you'' Senga sighs, running his hands over the other's back.

''You don't want me to do what?'' Kitayama whispers, shifting his hips, making them both moan.

''Nothing. Just-''

''You're a virgin right?'' Kitayama says calmly, because it isn't that much of a suprise. Senga isn't the type to pick up girls and Kitayama have never heard of Senga having a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. Senga avoids the other's eyes, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him.

''Hey.. It's nothing to be ashamed off. Im glad you've waited with having sex, but Im not so sure if I want your first time, your first time with a man, to be with me. Im not gonna be able to make this special for you''

''Wh.. What? I.. I want it to be with you. Please, Hiromitsu'' Senga pleads, his eyes big and pleading.

''Are you sure? Like, really sure? You have to trust me'' Kitayama stares down at his friend seriously.

''Im really, really sure!''

''It'll hurt''

''I.. I don't care'' Senga says, making Kitayama snort and shake his head.

''Oh but you will. Just concentrate on breathing and I'll be as careful as I can'' Kitayama bents down, brushing his lips against Sengas. ''It's not everyday I get this kind of requests, so I don't know if I'll be able to hold back that much''

''Don't hold back'' Senga gasps as Kitayama crawls down over his body, keeping eyecontact the whole time.

''You'll regret saying that'' Kitayama's smile is dark and mysterious, but he only manages to turn Senga on even more. Kitayama smile turns darker as he stares at the panties Senga's wearing.

''Oh you're too hot'' Kitayama mumbles as he bents down and slowely, oh so slowely, runs his tongue over the bulge.

''I... I want you to fuck me'' Senga mumbles, his eyes closed as he shivers.

''I know that. But I wanna enjoy this'' Kitayama smirks, slowely pulling off the panties, licking his lips as the hard, leaking cock is revealed.

''Kitayama!'' Senga gasps as he feels a tongue against the head of his cock, and he grimaces when the tongue disappears.

''Breath, and concentrate on what Im doing'' He hears his friend mumble and Senga gasps, he moans and let's out a curse as he feels that wet tongue below his balls, probbing at his opening.

''K.. Ki.. Hiro!'' Senga gasps again when he feels the tip of the tongue enter him. Then it's gone.

''Don't clench. Relax. Breath'' Kitayama bents down again and it doesn't take long before Senga feels the tongue again, the tip sliding into him easily.

''Fucking hell'' Senga says, making Kitayama chuckle because he has never ever heard the younger one use language like that. Senga groans because it feels fucking weird but there's still that hot, nice feeling and Senga groans again when the tongue is gone.

''Im gonna finger you now, so try not to clench too much'' Kitayama murmurs, bringing his right hand up to his own mouth, wrapping his lips around two fingers, sucking hard, wetting them. Senga moans at the sight and prepares himself for what's about to come. The first finger slides in quite easily, and Senga stares up at the ceiling, too scared to look at the other man.

''You okay?'' Kitayama asks, and Senga is about to nod but instead to chokes on the air he's breathing because Kitayama is adding the second finger, stretching him. It hurts, it burns but Senga will not stop the other man because this is what he wants. This is what they both wants.

''Tell me when you're ready'' Kitayama murmurs, bringing his other hand to Senga's hip. Senga doesn't really think about what he's doing now, he curse, he pushes down against the fingers as Kitayama starts moving them, crooking them. Then Kitayama does something that makes Senga's eyes widen as he cries out softly, clenching around the fingers inside of him, and he's begging now.

''Please, please do that again, Mitsu, again, please'' Senga doesn't really know what he's saying, all he wants is for Kitayama to do what he just did. Kitayama crooks his fingers again, moaning at the sight of the younger one throwing his head back, crying out Kitayama's name.

''I.. Fuck. Senga, you have to... Im gonna... We need... I need to add a third finger... I.. Just breath'' Kitayama takes a deep breath as he pushes the third finger into Senga, and the younger one is crying now. It burns, it burns and it hurts, it hurts so much. Senga is having second thoughts now, he could take two fingers, but three fingers is too much. It's too much until Kitayama crooks them again, pushing down against his prostate, making him gasp, a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure spreading through his body.

''Fuck.. Me'' Senga gasps, his hips bucking upwards, his cock hard and leaking.

''We'll get there'' Kitayama says, and he carefully pulls out his fingers because he can't wait any longer. He needs to be inside of his friend, or he might just come all over the sheets.

''Now, Mitsu, please! I need you, I need you so much'' Senga mewls, reaching out his hands in a silent plea and Kitayama sighs as he crawls up over Senga's body.

''Remember to-''

''Breath, I know. Just do it, please'' Kitayama nods, swallowing hard as he positions himself. He stares down into Senga's eyes, trying to read him but all he sees is lust and frustration. He pushes inside as slowely as he can, he doesn't want to hurt the other one. But it's impossible, it's like Senga's swallowing him, pulling him inside. He's soon all the way inside, and Senga's clenching around him, driving him crazy.

''Senga, I can't... I need to-''

''Move. Just move'' There's more tears running down the younger one's cheeks, and Kitayama wants to whipe them away, tell Senga that it's okay, that they can stop, but he can't. His hips bucks forward and they both gasps.

''We can st... stop.. If.. if you want'' Kitayama says, his voice strained.

''No we can't, just fuck me, damnit'' Senga says, wrapping his legs around the other mans waist, pushing him deeper inside of him. Kitayama groans, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead and shoulders, because it takes a lot of strength to keep himself calm.

''Senga, fuck, I can't hold back anymore'' Kitayama gasps as he starts pushing in and out.

''Then don't hold back! I don't want you to hold back'' Senga says, bringing his hands to rest on his lover's shoulders. Kitayama nods once, and he moves faster, still trying to hold back but it's too hard. Senga's begging, he's crying, he's yelling and he's hotter than ever. Hiromitsu moves faster, feeling himself getting closer and closer. As he tries another angle, moving a little to the right, Senga's eyes pops open as Kitayama hits his prostate with such force that Senga comes so hard he sees stars. He doesn't say anything, he stares up at Kitayama with wide eyes, opening and closing his mouth much like a fish, gasping as he spurts his cum all over their stomachs. Kitayama feels Senga's muscles clench harder around him now, and just a few seconds later, Kitayama comes, growling Senga's name.