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14 January 2008 @ 06:45 pm
Fiction [One shot]  
Title: Lavender
Pairing: Jin / Senga
Fandom: Kat-tun & Kis-my-ft2
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None beta-ed. English is not my first language, so there may be some errors and stuff.
Summary: He sniffs and he tenses as he smells... lavender? There's a chick in the room?
Disclaimer: I got a few JE boys in my closet. I don't own them, I don't know them, and this has never ever happened... I think.
Author's message: ...please don't hurt me.

Jin should be more careful and he should lock the door before he decides to start jerking off. He doesn't hear the door open, and he doesn't hear the quiet gasp that the junior lets out as he sees Jin, on his back on the couch, his hand around his dick as he jerks himself off.

Jin continues, whimpering at his own touch as he strokes his dick slowely but hard. He let's out a long breath, enjoying his alone time. This is nice, he thinks and tightens his grip. He should do this more often, he thinks as he strokes faster. But then he stops. Someone's in the room. He knows this because there's another smell in the air. He sniffs and he tenses as he smells... lavender? There's a chick in the room? Jin is too chicken to open his eyes so instead he listens. He hears someone breathing and he notices that the person.. that the girl... is breathing rather quickly. Jin smirks to himself and he hears the quiet gasp that the girl lets out.

''Mmm'' Jin murmurs, curling his fingers tighter around himself, determind to finish up. He wouldn't mind if the girl gave him a hand.. or a mouth.

Akanishi moans softly, lifting his hips up from the couch, making a show. He hears footsteps, and he feels the person getting closer. Thank god it's not Pi or Kame. They would kill me, Jin thinks, smirking again as he feels lips brush against his cheek.

''So nice'' He murmurs and it's his turn to gasp as he feels a hand close around his.

''Need any help?'' He hears someone say and it's definitely not a girl. He knows that voice. It's one of the juniors, but Jin can't remember his name. His mind is foggy, but he knows him. Jin is too horny to push him away, he's too horny to even care if it's a guy. He's too horny and too much of an idiot to remember that the junior is a minor.

''Mmm yes please'' Jin's voice is low, strained with lust. He let's go of his own cock, moaning as his hand is replaced by the juniors.

''You can open your eyes if you want, Akanishi...san'' The junior whispers and Jin does so, staring up at the white ceiling, concentrating on the hand on his cock. He frowns when the hand stops stroking him and he gulps as he feels the junior straddle him. A face comes into view and Jin tightens his jaw. Senga. Senga Kento. That's his name.

''Senga?'' Jin's voice is still low and strained with lust, but there's something he remembers now. 16. 16 years old. ''You shouldn't be here''

''You shouldn't be lying here on the couch, touching yourself when your friends are looking for you'' Senga says and Jin is quite suprised. He has heard a lot about this kid. And he is known for being shy and Jin remembers that once, he almost cried because he had to talk to a group of 4 people. Now he's here, his eyes sparkling mischievously and his lips curled into a confident smirk.

''Jin-san'' Jin is snapped out of his thoughts by the jerk of his own hips and the moan Senga let's out. Senga is rolling his hips against Jin's, making it impossible for Akanishi to think more about the whole issue about Senga being a minor.

''If you.. wanna help me, Senga...'' Jin groans, pushing his hips up against the juniors, ''Then just fucking suck me off and show me exactly what that mouth of yours is good for'' And Senga does. He stops rolling his hips and Jin stares up into the juniors eyes, suddenly feeling very small. Senga slides off the senior and crawls in between Jin's legs.

''If that's what you want'' Senga is quick. Jin barely has the time to take a deep breath before his cock is down the junior's throat. Senga is sucking hard, making Jin moan loudly.

''Fuck! Im... Fuck!'' Jin pulls on the juniors hair, and he feels something against his leg. He realise that Senga is jerking himself off and Jin groans, pushing up his hips, pushing himself deeper into Senga's mouth.

''Don't fucking stop'' He breathes, and Senga just quickens his pace, sucking harder and sliding his tongue around the shaft, pushing his tongue against the head, driving Jin crazy.

Jin feels teeth against the head, his eyes widening as he comes hard and it feels like he hasn't slept for days. His arms and legs are heavy, he has trouble keeping his eyes open. He hears Senga grunt and knows that the junior is probably coming all over his legs.

''Clean it up'' Jin orders and Senga just mumbles something, his head resting on Jin's stomach. ''I said, clean it up. Im not going outside with your cum all over my pants'' Jin's irritated and Senga sits up, glaring.

''I didn't come all over your pants. I didn't leave a stain on your pants. I came on the couch'' Senga says as he stands up, zipping up his own pants. Jin sits up and stares down on the couch, shaking his head.

''People will think it's me'' He whines and Senga just shrugs.

''So? Anyway, Kame and Koki are looking for you. I gotta go'' Senga says before he leaves and Jin decides to never, ever trust a junior again because they're not as innocent as they pretend to be.