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17 February 2008 @ 03:55 pm
Fluff table [#8 - Dinner]  
Title: #8 - Dinner 
Pairing: Nikaido / Senga
Fandom: Kis-my-ft2
Rating: PG
Warnings: None beta-ed. English is not my first language, so there may be some errors and stuff.
Summary: It's their 3 months anniversary.
Disclaimer: I got a few JE boys in my closet. I don't own them, I don't know them, and this has never ever happened... I think.
Author's message: -  

''This is our dinner?'' Senga raises his eyebrows, staring at the blanket on the floor and the pizza boxes standing beside it. Nikaido shrugs and chews on his bottom lip nervously.

''Uhm yeah.. Im sorry, it's not what you were expecting, I just-''

''No, no, it's fine'' Senga smiles happily and sits down on the blanket. Nikaido sighs and shakes his head, wishing he could take his boyfriend out for dinner at some fancy resturant.

''Im sorry, I really am. We can go if you-''

''Nikaido. It's fine. Don't worry about it'' Nikaido sits down on the blanket, glancing at his boyfriend quickly before he opens one of the pizza boxes. It's their 3 months anniversary and Nikaido is nervous, he doesn't know how the night will turn out.

''Senga, are you real-''

''Nikaido, please stop. It's not like it's our 10th year together or anything, we've only been dating for 3 months now. Eating pizza in your livingroom is totally fine'' Senga smiles happily, opening one of the pizza boxes. ''Mm, delicious'' Senga says, his mouth watering as he stares at the pizza.

''I know we've only been dating for 3 months but....'' Nikaido starts, chewing on his bottom lip as he stares down at the pizza.

''But what, Nika?'' Senga looks up at his boyfriend and frowns, ''Are you blushing?''


''Eh?'' Senga furrows his brow as he tries to understand what his boyfriend just said. ''Could you perhaps say that again please?''

Nikaido takes a deep breath, fiddling with his pinky ring nervously. ''I said...'' Nikaido sighs, ''It's only been 3 months, but I love you...'' He stops to see how Senga reacts. The younger boy only smiles softly, titling his head as he waits for Nika to continue. ''... And I wanted to make this special for you but I... failed'' Nikaido sighs again, still staring at the pizza. Senga puts his hand ontop of Nikaido's, wich makes the older boy look up.

''First of all... 3 months isn't really anything to celebrate anyway. We could have waited until our 6 month together or something...'' Senga smiles softly, blushing slightly, ''I.. I love you too... And this is special. This may sound corny and it may make you puke...'' Nikaido snorts, shaking his head at his silly boyfriend, ''But everyday with you is special, because I longed for this for so long, and now when we're finally together... It's just special. Our relationship is special, you're special'' Senga looks down at their hands.

''Kento, that...'' Nikaido shakes his head, ''Is really corny, but that's how I feel too''

''What?'' Senga looks up in confusion. ''Everyday with yourself is special? You love yourself that much?''

Nikaido laughs and pulls his boyfriend in for a hug. ''Silly. Everyday with you is special and I love you that much''

''Aww'' Senga smiles happily and leans in for a kiss. The kiss is slow and sensual, far from their usual passionate kisses.

''Let's celebrate our relationship and wish for many more anniversaries''